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“Diagnosed With Cushings

Stormy Before & After

This letter was written to Karen Hisata founder of JustEquus.com posted to her blog it describes Stormy’s recovery from Cushings with the help of Lisa’s program.

Hi Karen~
At your suggestion I too contacted Lisa shortly after you started Ziba on the healing program. My boy Stormy (24yrs) had been diagnosed with cushings nine months prior, he had bouts of laminitis, seizures and was very depressed. The veterinarian had prescribed pergolide & other meds which clearly made it worse. The vet said to give it time he just needs to get used to the medicine. That didn’t sit right with me… so I read everything I could find and came across your website. I purchased so much from you-
natural remedies, joint formulas, vitamins and APF (which was amazing) & got him to a certain point off the meds but still not himself. You talked to me about Lisa St.John, sent a link to the website and at the expense of loosing my monthly orders. You put my horse above all that~ I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that !

I contacted Lisa by email on Saturday Sept 4th, 2010 she emailed back a few hours later, I emailed a photo of Stormy and she called me the next day. Lisa had worked up a dietary formula specific to my horse. She had nailed his personality & what he was going through with his illness. Stormy’s regime consits of 2 yams, 5-6 carrots, 2 granny smith apples, 1/2 cup grnd flax seed, 1 raw egg, 1 avocado, 1/2 cup herbal oil, 1/4 mexican papya, 2 bananas, 1 handful of spinach, 1 leaf of kale, sunflower sprouts, 1/2 a peat pot of wheatgrass….we started with that- he was a bit apprehensive with the new food in addition to his hay but within a few days he was gobbling it down.

Within about 2 weeks I received the herb blend. I agree- it smelled amazing- healing herbs specific to my boys needs in a shaved coconut base. In that first month I noticed an amazing difference in his movements, his eyes that were once cloudy are now clear & sparkly and he seemed to be happier. He had no more seizures once starting on Lisa’s program. @ 2 1/2 months into it he was like he was 10 years younger!
Along the way Lisa has added to his “salad” – things like unsulphurated black strap molasses and apple cider vinegar. The herbs are sent every month with changes to that also…all in realation to his healing needs.

It has now been almost 5 months on Lisa’s program. Stormy is back to his better self… he still has some healing to do but everyone is blown away by how he feels. He is back to his sassy, mischievous self. He bucks, rears-up, runs and frequently lets himself out of his corral. When I try to get him he runs & plays try to get me :O) He is happy again. This program has added years to his life & seeing what it has done and doing for Stormy …my family, friends & I are adding these things to our diet too! Lisa is an angel and any horse will benefit greatly with or without an illness on her program.
Thank you so much Karen for all you do. Jenafer Simpson

* * *

The longer I know Lisa St. John, the more I know she walks her talk. She has a rare gift and shares it generously to help owners to help their animals.

Here is Lisa’s website: Lavender Sage

Email Update From Jenafer 2/10/2011

Just a note ~
I spent yesterday afternoon with Storm brushing, playing & took him for a walk in the woods. He felt fantastic ! he ran the coral with his head held high, tail up & sassy as hell ! running from me , at me & around me. Show pony trot all fancy….like -yeah look at me now !!! then he’d race to the other side & snort a few times before running back @ me…it brought tears…. :O)
I want to thank you again for all you do !
Love you, Jenafer & Stormy

Understanding Laminitis, Cushings, and IR.

written by:  Lisa St.John

First let me say that every study in equine medicine agrees on one thing, they don’t quite know what causes laminitis.  They have found everything from grain overload to retained placenta in a mare, too much protein and recently sugar is now thought to be the number one cause. .  But the bottom line still holds “they don’t know!”

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Fresh Organic Peas



LavSage believes in achieving and maintaining optimum levels of health using Nature


How can fresh produce keep my horse healthy???

There are many medicinal purposes to be found in fresh whole foods and herbs. Fresh raw foods contain live enzymes, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and hormones, which are needed in the body to function as it was designed to. There are specific foods, which contain disease-preventing and disease healing qualities. There are raw whole foods which contain enzyme components which provide joint support, electrolytes, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, support the nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, skeletal structure, muscular system, Endocrine system, and cellular structure. If the horse is being provided with the nutrients and support the body requires to sustain a healthy balance there is no need for artificial chemically produced supplements.

Having the understanding of what fresh raw foods contain is so exciting!

Imagine feeding your horse an avocado daily to aid in red blood cell regeneration to prevent or help your horse recover from anemia – Just one of the amazing healing benefits found in avocados..

Avacado Sliced

Avocados have 14 minerals, all of which regulate body functions including joint support and electrolyte balance. Avocados contain potassium, Vit E,C and B6. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that provides the nutrients needed to aid in the prevention of the breaking down of the bodies tissues and helps with the metabolism of the cells. It protects the cells from damage. Obtaining Vitamin E in a live natural state found in fresh whole foods, such as the avocado, increases the healing properties.


Yams are a major contributor to the health of your horse. Yams have been long considered a “super food.” This is because of the numerous benefits one yam contains. Yams supply the body with nutrients that enable the endocrine glands to produce hormones. Yams are well known for containing DHEA ( De Hydro Epi Androstrerone) in short referred to as “the mother of all hormones. “ The DHEA circulates through the blood, which is produced in the adrenal cortex. DHEA levels drop considerably with age, which is believed to be the main factor pertaining to degenerative diseases such as arthritis for example. Poor adrenal gland function contributes to back problems, sprains, slip discs, and arthritis to name a few. When these hormones are replaced daily they will act as an ati -aging agent. The effects on the body by replacing this hormone daily, is miraculous

~~~~Biotin for Healthy Strong Hooves Natures Way!~~~


Healthy Hooves


All of these fresh foods contain Biotin for strong healthy hooves


Nutrition is very important in providing strong healthy hooves. A natural source of biotin can be found in many foods to obtain your horses hooves. None of my clients require shoes, they are all barefoot as nature had intended. Biotin is a main factor in helping maintain strong hooves.


Biotin can be found in an assortment of foods your horses can eat, such as: almonds, eggs, cucumber, raspberries, walnuts, strawberries, and carrots. Nutrition is the key component in building a strong healthy immune system and providing a level of health beyond expectation. Herbs play an important roll in providing a healthy lifestyle for your equine companion.

While the natural raw foods support the body, herbs assist in preventing disease, viruses, and illness. Herbs have been used by every culture since the beginning of time because of their medicinal properties. Specific herbs target parasites, fungus, and harmful bacteria.


LavSage Herbal Blend is a  very Powerful addition to fight against disease and viruses

Herbs support the immune system while acting as a defensive guard against harmful invaders. It is my belief that diseases and viruses are caused by fungus or parasites in one form or another.

LavSage Nutrition Therapy Program is specifically tailored for each individual horse. I do not use a general recipe or a general approach. I create a custom-developed methodology to meet each horse’s necessary nutrition requirements.

This Natural and non invasive approach has proven successful on countless horses in every arena around the World..

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    Pears are high in Vit. C,K and Copper. These vitamins and nutrients are a great combination of anti -oxidants. note : Copper is very important and protects the body form free radicals. They are a fighting force against viruses and bacteria. They feed and generate the white blood cells.

    Pears are also very important for the digestion and intestinal health. They prevent constipation. The live components found in pears bind to bile and carry the bile out of the body.

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